Fairytales & Princesses

Because it's Monday & I deserve to dream of princess land....
Get ready to use your princess movie trivia. 

Hermes Spring 2010 Ads

Annie Leibovitz for Disney 
Gisele Bundchen / Mikhail B. / Tina Fey (she's Tink)
J Lo. / Marc Anthony 
 Julianne Moore / Michael Phelps
Julie Andrews / Abigail Breslin 
Jeff Bridges / Penelope Cruz 
Rachel Weisz
Scarlett Johansson
And in perfect Disney fashion, a happily ever after with...
Zac Efron / Vanessa Hudgens



I have a reading assignment at work. All about what it means to be "left brained" or "right brained". It's boring. Kinda. But what I discovered related to it is not!
I found these on this website. They archive awesome print media (and digital jazz too).
* PS - It would be helpful to know, I'm the print buyer at my job hence the extra excitement over people who produce awesome print marketing vs the other lame stuff. *

Here are some other note worthy print ads that caught my fancy.

Creative. / Beautiful.
 Creative. / Relevant.
Creative. / Hysterical.  


Temple Grandin

If you haven't seen the movie Temple Grandin, you need to rent it. Tomorrow.
It is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time with an unbelievable storyline. I was telling a co-worker about it this morning and said "at one point I caught myself just smiling at the television". I don't think I can say that about many movies.

For those of you who haven't heard about Temple here's your catch up. She is autistic. She didn't speak until age four. She was predicted to never function in normal society. She now has a bachelors degree in psychology - masters degree in animal science - doctoral degree in animal science & is a professor at Colorado State. (among all the published reports, books and movies of course)

She impacted the world of cattle farming like no other, designing corrals that reduced the stress level cows felt thereby making the entire process much more effective. (that might sound like a strange topic to be interested in but I'm telling you, watch the movie)
Oh yeah, and she was named one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people in the world. (so really, watch the movie!)


Dancers Among Us : Jordan Matter

Hold Up! Photographer Jordan Matter captures professional dancers around NYC doing everyday things in 'dramatic fashion'...and I love it! (see all the details & pic gallery here) 
He's also the photographer behind the book Uncovered. I'll let you go see the concept but the book sits in my Amazon wish list now. I'm not typically attracted to things that are "too liberal" but that one I like! Here are some of my favorite Dancers Among Us images.


Speaking Of Weddings...

Lookie at what I did! I got a chance to play "behind the scenes assistant photog in training chick" the day my lovely bride-to-be friend / co-worker (& blogger too) KB had her bridal portraits taken. Another talented co-worker of ours did the real photography and didn't mind letting me lurk in the background. Plus I held the light a couple times too! Since there's like a 1 in a trillion chance someone important would see these pics here and spoil a surprise KB gave me the go ahead to post now!

This was my first "shoot" experience with a DSLR. And my first time to edit raw images. I have a lot to learn! One day I hope to be pretty good at all this junk :) Until then, I'll take what I can get! There are little things about all these shots that I would change but for the most part I was pretty pumped about how they turned out. And since this is a very amateur forecast of what the real deal will look like ... you can only imagine! Thanks for letting me play KB!

 We started at Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover, AL

Isn't that jacket awesome! She couldn't have picked a better one.

Then we moved to a studio downtown with this fabulous brick wall.
I'm a sucker for studio shots so I got most of my pics here.

I wish I had moved to the left for this one, but it still made my favs list. 

The stuff you can accomplish with a little light is pretty darn amazing, not gonna lie.

 Again, wish I had adjusted the angle and some stuff here but 
I love how she's sitting in this pic.

She's pretty easy on a lens, can you tell yet :)

There are many things to love about her dress, 
but the wrinkle factor is high on the list.

I tried true grayscale with this one.

And this is my grand finale. I LOVE this one. A lot. 
If the light wasn't touching her head I may not have found anything to complain about :) 
Never the less, this won my vote for myself for the day.


Visions Of White

Unless you've been under a rock, you're aware ... Kate Middleton gets married April 29th at Westminster Abbey in probably the wedding of the century! (w/ the help of Prince whatshisname of course) ;) 
While I could gush about many things in that one little statement, this is all about the buzz surrounding the threads dress Ms Middleton may don on the big day.

The above are some of my favorite images for a slide show Womens Wear Daily put together after asking several designers for suggestions of their visions for the bride to be. - watch here -
We can only guess who could be ever so lucky to actually get the gig!